Yoga is the quieting of the mind chatter.

–Yogas chitta vritti nirodha. 

If you are breathing you are already doing yoga. You practice yoga when you add focus to this breath and move more deliberately with intention. Postures (Asanas) help to further the quieting of the mind chatter and align your soul to your highest purpose. This practice will help you feel calmer and happier and more creative in solution thinking. Yoga does not leave anyone behind and can help us feel more flexible in our mind and body. 

Why Practice Yoga 

As the founder of Be Delightful, Cool Hive, Sailing Your Business and Charming the World,  I have come to believe that what we shine out is reflected back. Yoga has helped me feel full of light and has illuminated my path to protect and replenish. This is why I recommend that all of my clients give yoga a try.  Email me for a free week at Yoga Works 

Next Steps… 

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