Be Light

A flame loses nothing when it lights a million candles.

Be Grateful

Making time for gratitude is an essential part of happiness. If you want to feel DeLighted ( full of light ) start with a gratitude practice. 

Be Still

Take time to sit in silence, to hear the world buzz around you and feel the suns rays warm your heart,

Be Present

They call it the present because it is supposed to be a surprise. Unwrap the gift and Be Present.

Be Cool

Lowering your carbon footprint and helping to protect the environment is a great way to use your light, and to protect future generations of all species that do not have a vote. Learn to Be Cool at

Be Giving 

Make an offering, Share a cup of tea, a flower, or a kind word with a stranger, step out of your comfort zone and read or write a poem, tell a joke, offer a prayer to something or someone out there. 

Be More

In this trying age, we need to try to Be More than we thought we could be. Be Centered, Be Strong, Be Courageous, Be Charming, Be Love, Be Yourself and Be Heard. 

Be In Touch

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