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Getting healthy while improving the environment.

Well-designed solutions for a climate safe life with style. Cool Hive improves the quality of your life and health today while protecting the planet for your children tomorrow. We show you how your health and style are improved as we de-carbonize and build a robust clean energy economy.  


A story of people and places in transition.
Land, culture, climate, art, science, and technology.

Our relationship to the land and to climate is our relationship to food, to culture and to the future. We explore the ongoing story of this relationship as snows melt, fields dry out and both animals and culture change. Conservation ranching can preserve biodiversity and help our soils sequester and store more carbon dioxide. It is time to rethink our relationship to pastures.  


Follow the laws of nature and win the race.

Sailing your organization provides  “Get on Board”  workshops on the water that provides an essential framework for your team to build value in your company with sustainability practices. The “Get on Board” workshop will help your organization sail toward a robust bottom line while leaving a legacy you can be proud of for future generations of all species. We use the power of metaphor and seamanship to teach and catalyze your crew. Now you can navigate toward key milestones and build a sustainable work culture that includes people and the planet. Upon completion, your team will have the tools necessary to improve your company’s ongoing strategic capacity with a systems thinking approach. Sailing your Organization will help you chart your course and enjoy the voyage as much as the destination. 


Providing education and economic opportunities for girls in particular.

Charming The World ™ supports education initiatives for children who have been marginalized by deep poverty. We provide documentation that increases awareness and aids crucial fundraising efforts. We facilitate craft design to support economic development and help communities and women, in particular, to find viable trade partners. We troubleshoot key areas holistically providing systemic positive change. We work together with those in need to find viable long-term solutions. Charms and books about the projects are available to purchase with all profits going to the projects. 

Be DeLightful 

When your message matters we are there.

Marketing solutions for sustainable business models. Building a restorative economy with carbon, natures currency, on every bottom line is our highest priority for global health. Success is derived from inclusive principles that include people, planet, and profits while supporting your purpose.